We brings together a wide range of sustainable food ingredients to increase the quality of food products, while improving their health profile and shelf life.

We particularly ensure the packaging of our products so that we can transport our products in the most fright efficient manner. We also offer seasonal fresh fruits which are rarely available anywhere.

Our fruits are available at the most cost effective prices.


We are one of the well known suppliers of high quality Banana which are in high demands in the Indian as well as in the international markets.We supply nutritious range of bananas that can either be eaten raw or can also be consumed with milk that makes it a complete diet. Our bananas can be eaten as a snack food in dried form and it is also be used for preparing various puddings.

» Helpful in cancer
» Prevents ulcers
» Good for heart
» Natural antacid
» Kills harmful bacteria


We are one of the leading suppliers of fresh Coconuts in the market. We offer fresh coconut which rich, juicy and natural. These are supplied as fresh coconuts with / without husk as per requirement. The Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) is a member of the Family Arecaceae (palm family). It is the only species in the genus Cocos, and is a large palm, growing to 30 m tall.

» Prevents simple goiter.
» Good body builder.
» Constipation and for any build-up of gas in the stomach and intestinal tract.


We are offering Fresh Guava range that is often considered to be Superfruits. The range of Fresh Guava offered by us is rich in Vitamins A and C. We Export different varieties of Fresh Guava available from India. Due to rich taste and excellent nutritional value, our Fresh Guavas are high on demand by the clients.

» Vitamin D, A, B
» Calcium & Phosphorus
» Fiber & Iron
» Potassium
» Folic acid
» Nicotinic Acid


We are one of the leading suppliers of fresh mangoes in the market. Each and every mango is handpicked by our workers. The best ones are then sorted out and then sent into the market. Our fresh mangoes are considered the best mangoes and have a unique as well as yummy taste.

» Anticancer abilities
» Pregnant women and people with anemia are advised to eat this fruit
» Effective in relieving clogged pores
» Valuable to combat acidity and poor digestion
» High in antioxidant and low in carbohydrates


We are an eminent Fresh Papaya Exporter and Supplier in India. Papaya is a long bulbous fruit with a point at broad end. Obtained from reliable sources, we provide Fresh Papaya range across the globe. We offer Fresh Papaya at very affordable prices.

» Health Benefits
» Helpful in heart disease
» Lowers inflammation
» Excellent source of fiber
» Binds cancer-causing toxins